Our team is made up of professionals and tradespeople from different segments of the Engineering Community and a broad cross-section of industries with solid experience in design, construction, start-up, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of industrial facilities.


Nyasa Engineering CARNOPOPs ensure that user requirements are well established, fully addressed in design, maintained during construction, and demonstrated during commissioning. Commissioning activities are described appropriately in construction bid documents so that commissioning is optimized with construction.


We understand all stakeholders’ expectations in capital project delivery and have the experience to develop and execute an effective commissioning program.



Nyasa Engineering Consultancy - NEC is a Malawian-based Company founded in April 2021 by Peter Ngwira. The company was formed in direct response to Malawi’s growing needs for Agricultural Productivity and Commercialization; Industrialization; Urbanization; Economic Infrastructure and Environmental Sustainability for social and economic development to meet innovation and productiveness. Our Mission is to provide High-Tech and Innovative solutions for social & economic development with a team of qualified engineers from different segments of the engineering community.

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Why Choose Nyasa Engineering Consultancy for Commissioning?

NEC Ltd developed a conceptual approach for plant commissioning and Installation. The team syntheses the design, construction, and operational knowledge for efficient commissioning procedures that ensure that systems can be operated safely and to the requirements of the end-user.

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