Agriculture Engineering

  •      This is the SPOT that sustains Agricultural Production and Commercialization. The SPOT will provide services in design, construction and improvement in several sector of agriculture while bringing high-tech and innovative solution to increase the production and incomes of the majority of people who primarily work in agriculture.

    As Nyasa Engineering, we are Youth-Centric therefore, Agriculture Engineering sector will attract young people that will help in the implementation of mapped projects in:

    The systems will run on a Hybrid Renewable Energy System that incorporates Bio-gas integrated with Solar.

    We also provide design, consultancy and construction of agricultural infrastructures which include:
    BISO Smart GreenHouses
    - Water control structures to convey drainage water Canals, berms, dikes, risers and pump stations storm-water ponds.
    - Erosion control structures on streams, gullies and other eroded areas: Terraces, land levelling, headwalls, gabion and grassed waterways.
    - Animal waste management systems: Site planning, Manure or solid separator, Sand separators, Biogas digesters
    - Environmental conservation: We provide solutions for pollution caused by farms and environmental conservation plans to prevent environmental degradation and adverse climatic conditions. We also provide good land management practices.
    - Soil Science and Engineering: Nyasa Engineering CARNOPOPs is developing a SoSE Sensor for Identification of the depth of the compacted soil layer & its Composition.

  • NOTE: NEC will intensify the use of High-Tech and Innovative research, thereby achieving greater output per livestock and unit of land used and producing larger farm surpluses. This would ultimately raise farmers’ incomes and facilitate the achievement of other essential development goals, including wealth creation and self-reliance for our Immediate Environment.

Fresh Transformation Agenda

NEC Ltd has that which revolutionizes the world even though science can amuse and fascinate us all, but Engineering is the Pivotal professional for industrial transformation.