NEC Industrial HUB

  • This is the centre for innovations, incorporating engineering consultancy services for process and Engineering CARNOPOPs, project management and continuous improvement to meet commercialisation and industrial transformation.

  • Nyasa Engineering CARNOPOPs will provide high-quality services to clients, business partners and the manufacturing community and building long-lasting relationships with them. The engineering services are performed under its own V-Model Project Management framework. The HUB will carry the following activities:

  • - Digitisation and development of Mining Technology

  • - Concept generation and sustaining Energy CARNOPOP for Malawi IMPEL Energy Company and sustainability of the Project

  • - Architect and Infrastructure Design SPOT

  • - Drafting and Planning the CARNOPOP for the transportation Industry

  • - Manufacturing, Process documentation & Formulation

  • - FOFs – Full Operation and Functional System

Fresh Transformation Agenda

NEC Ltd has that which revolutionizes the world even though science can amuse and fascinate us all, but Engineering is the Pivotal professional for industrial transformation.