NEC is a holding company with 5 subsidiaries (SPOT) that offer several services as below:

Agriculture Engineering

This is the SPOT that sustains Agricultural Production and Commercialisation. The SPOT will provide services in design, construction and improvement in several sector of agriculture while bringing high-tech and innovative solution to increase the production and incomes of the majority of people who

NEC Computer Networking and Engineering

This SPOT is currently Incubating SunEMag Telecommunication Industry. The SPOT integrates electronic engineering with computer sciences. NEC CARNOPOPs engineers design and develop computer systems and technological devices including Wi-Fi Solar Modems.

NEC Health Tech and Innovation SPOT

This SPOT deals with the application of innovative and high-tech skills in the formulation of solutions related to Biomedical Change - Capture in the Health Sector after Validation with the Healthcare Service providers.

Fresh Transformation Agenda

NEC Ltd has that which revolutionizes the world even though science can amuse and fascinate us all, but Engineering is the Pivotal professional for industrial transformation.